21 Day Membership-Site Challenge!

Want to Build a Membership Website 
without the stress and the tech Overwhelm?

Now you can...

Take the 21 day membership site challenge!

What's Included in this Challenge!

21 Day  challenge

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Schedule a Free 1/2 hour Call with me (a $150 value) after you complete this challenge! 

We'll brainstorm ideas for your membership site and review your setup!


Membership Site Concepts & Strategy

What you do:

1. Watch video to learn the concepts and strategy.
2. Download worksheet and complete the assigned tasks.


Lead Magnet Setup

What you do:

1. Watch video for concepts, strategy and behind-the-scenes action where I'll show you how to implement it step-by-step.
2. Watch video in the resources section for more details on how to protect different types of content (pdf, audio, video, other types of files etc).
3. Watch video to see how to implement 1-click signup.
4. Setup your lead magnet.


Member Pages Setup

What you do:

1. Watch video for concepts, strategy and step-by-step implementation details.
2. Watch video in the resources section for examples of member pages from other membership sites.
3. Watch video to see how you can upsell other products and services in the members area.
4. Create / Update your members area using these simple stategies.

DAY 11

Frontend Offer

What you do:

1. Watch video for a behind-the-scenes look at how you can put together a frontend offer and deliver it from your membership site.
2. Watch video to how you can build a funnel with your lead magnet & Frontend offer.
3. See examples of lead magnets and frontend offers from other membership sites.
4. Setup your frontend offer and build a mini-funnel.

DAY 14

Membership Offer

What you do:

1. Watch video to learn how to create, deliver and manage your membership offer.
2. Watch video for a behind-the-scenes look at my membership site and how I use product chaining for my membership offer.
3. Watch video to see how I give my existing lab members access to new products/services in the lab (in bulk).
4. Setup your membership offer.

DAY 18

Build A Profitable Sales Funnel

What you do:

1. The most fun part of the challenge :-). Now you get to create a sales funnel taking advantage of all of your products / offers you've created thus far!
2. Learn how to setup a profitable funnel.
3. Setup your funnel!

DAY 21

Finale! Schedule a CALL!

What you do:

Yes, you did it! YAY! Congrats!

1. Watch video for ideas that will help you increase your leads and sales.
2. Watch video for shortcuts that will help you speed things up, troubleshooting tips if you run into issues and so on.
3. And you can schedule a free 1/2 hour call with me to discuss things that are specific to your site and we'll brainstorm ideas to help you make more money from your membership site.

Now Available

Day 1: 

Membership Site Planning

Feb 13th

Day 4 

Setup Your Lead Magnet

Feb 16th

Day 7: 

Member Pages & Upsell Strategy

Feb 19th

Day 11

Setup Your Frontend Offer

Feb 22th

Day 14

Setup Your Membership Offer

Feb 26th

Day 18

Build A Profitable Sales Funnel

Mar 1st

Day 21

Putting it all Together!

Why you should take this challenge!

Hello, my name is Veena Prashanth...

I've spent the last 10 years coaching hundreds of membership site clients. I've seen the anxiety and stress it causes as there are so many different components that need to be set up, tested and taken care of technology wise, that it leaves you with little or no time to focus on the actual content and your products. 

I've always been fascinated by idea of putting together a "challenge" for membership site users. Almost like a course but with specific action items / challenge that user's are required to complete before moving on to the next challenge.

So I'm beyond excited to announce the launch this one-of-a-kind membership site challenge!

This challenge includes video-based training, worksheets and other resources. And if you don't have the tools to build a membership site, I've a special $1, 21-day "DAP + SPC" trial offer to help you get started with DAP (membership plugin) + SPC (shopping cart plugin) as well!

I considered doing a 7 day challenge but I don't want to overwhelm you with too many action items that are hard to complete. This challenge will not serve it's purpose if you skip steps and don't complete each challenge. 

I've created step-by-step videos and worksheets that will motivate you to take action, help you stay on track and complete each task on time, teach you the concepts and help you with the actual execution!

The end result:  You'll not only learn simpler, faster, stress-free & easier way to build and run your membership site and set things up in your membership plugin, but by the end of this challenge, you'll have a complete membership site framework and a roadmap that will position your membership site for long term success!

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The Ultimate list of Plugins & Tools to Build a Membership Website

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The more I use them the more I'm convinced I'm never using another cart platform again. 

The stuff you can do with DAP/SPC puts most carts to shame!

Being able to transfer address data to my email platform is a HUGE deal for my accountant and is going to make my life a LOT easier and I know I'm just scratching the surface (AFTER 8 YEARS!!) of what DAP/SPC is capable of!

All the Training you need to Build & Launch your Membership Site the Right Way

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21 Day Membership Site Challenge


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