Thrive Apprentice is not a full-fledged LMS. If you're looking for a quick way to create your course and deliver it from your membership site, Apprentice is great for that, but otherwise, Apprentice is very limited as a LMS. 

Here's what I've shared in this video:

  • How to setup your course in Apprentice.
  • Why I prefer LearnDash & WP Courseware over Apprentice.
  • Can you create your content in WordPress using the default WP editor (or using whatever page builder plugin you want) and convert that into an Apprentice lesson?  You'll find the answer to this and a lot of other questions related to Apprentice, in this video.
  • I've also shared the questions I sent to Apprentice support and the answers I got back from them (that confirmed my assumptions about Apprentice).

In the next lesson, I'll show you how to integrate DAP with Apprentice and how you can test the integration!