PHP v7.2.x compatibility with DAP!

DAP is currently not compatible with PHP v7.2.x (or above)

As you probably know, currently DAP does not work with php v7.2.x or above. 

The main issue with php v7.2.x is that it does NOT support "mcrypt" library and that's the library DAP uses for password encryption. 

Switching to php v7.2.x means we need to change the password encryption library in DAP! 

Preparing for DAP v7.3 release! 

We're now working on a new DAP update (v7.3) that will support php v7.2.x but when you upgrade to this version of DAP, your users will have to 'reset' their password once so DAP can re-encrypt their password using a new encryption library.

You'll also have to reset your own DAP Admin password once.

And you may have to update your login shortcode to template #6 as some of the older login templates do not support 'reset password' functionality.  We'll also update all DAP login templates to support 'reset password' feature. We'll release this update before the actual password encryption update so you'll have enough time to switch to new login template.

We're going to make this transition as smooth as possible. When your existing users login for the first time, DAP will recognize that their password was encrypted the old way and they'll see a 'reset password' form so they can reset their password.

This will not affect your new users as DAP will encrypt their password using the new library at the time of account creation.

Customizable Message & Beta Testing

The message that's displayed to your users will be customizable and you can let your users know that due to an updated password / security feature in the software you use, they are required to reset their password once. 

We hope to release a php v7.2.x compatible version of DAP in early March. We've actually completed coding for this and our dev team is currently testing all the updates.

If you're willing to help beta test this new encryption feature and compatibility with php v7.2, please let me know in the comments section below and I'll reach out to you. 

This new DAP version (v7.3) will be ready for beta in about 2-3 weeks. More to come soon. Stay tuned!

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