​"I want to allow my users to donate any amount
towards my ​products or Services"!

Are you ​struggling to convert your free users into paid customers?

​​Giving buyers the freedom to pay what they want can be very successful, especially for your low cost products ​because  buyers ​are  much more ​likely to pay a ‘fair’ amount for a low priced item than choose the lowest option!

​The "pay what you want" pricing model eliminates many disadvantages of ​fixed pricing.   By removing the pricing barrier, you maximize the number of people paying for your products – people who​ may not have purchased it otherwise.

You might be able they  expand your customer base by 4x while earning at least as much revenue (and potentially even more) as your old fixed price model!

Want to see an example?

I've created a new "PWYW" offer for
my 21 Day Membership Site Challenge.

Offer expires in 2 days.

Click on the button below to see how I'm using it on my sales page!

​Remove the Price Barrier ​

​By removing the price barrier, you are removing the greatest hurdle, which is to get users to ​put in their credit card information.  

​For a simple test, temporarily replace your low dollar tripwire offer with a "pay what you want" offer. You can also set a minimum price for your product.  See how your users respond to the ​"pick your own price" model does compared to the fixed priced model.

​The good news is... you can do all of this using SmartPayCart (SPC), including setting a minimum price for your product. ​Watch the video above for details.

​How to set it up!

  • 1
    ​Create a checkout page in SPC. ​​ Select "​Donation / ​PWYW" ​template.  
  • 2
    ​Create product in DAP​​ for your PWYW offer. ​
  • 3
    ​In SPC, click on "donation / pwyw" button under the buttons menu. ​
  • 4
    ​Follow the steps to create a ​pwyw button.
  • 5
    ​Publish it on your sales page and you are ​all set!

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