Watch the video above as it'll help you determine what software will best fit your online course needs.

Your content might be the best in the world but if it isn’t properly formatted and structured correctly and delivered in the right order, you'll confuse your students, lose their attention and they may never complete the course. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that your students are able to apply what they learnt from your course, to solve the problem that they have, and get the outcome that they desire.

For e.g. the other day one of the lab members emailed me to say, "I was confused about the best ways to create and connect an opt-in form to my sales funnel. So I watched your video lessons in the sales funnel simplified course and it all makes sense now!". Today a student emailed to say that she is still confused about how to create a yes and no button for her upsell page even though she watched my video lesson on how to build upsell pages. So I'll go back and make some updates because otherwise it won't serve it's purpose.

Your course needs to be designed to take a learner from their current state (how things work today) and guide them to the end state (how things will work after they learn the content). And a well-thought out and well-designed course will get users to their desired end state in a step-by-step fashion.

So before you start creating content for your course, the first thing you need to do is create your table of contents. Write down every step, small or big, and then break it down into easy-to-understand chunks, and arrange them in the right order. Finalize your course format and structure before you start working on the course content. It'll also play a key role in determining the software that will best fit your needs.

So are you going to have just 1 big course with just say 10-15 video lessons in it. If yes, you may not even need a LMS.  You can do this with just a membership plugin. Or do you want organize your in modules and then break down each module further into detailed topics / units?

Some LMS will allow you to go just 1 level deep. Some LMS will allow you to go 2-3 levels deep. Be sure to watch the video above as it'll help you figure out whether or not you even need a LMS.

In the next lesson, we'll take a look at the course structure offered by different LMS like WP Courseware, LearnDash, Thrive Apprentice, WPEP and DAP.