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How to DOUBLE your Online Course Engagement
- Using Gamification!

The Most Comprehensive, step-by-step gamification course that shows you how you can Implement game elements in your Content, community & Courses to reward active & engaged customers that take your desired action, Recognize your top performers, and motivate your users to complete tasks & achieve their goals!

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The Promise Of Gamification...

As a course creator, is there anything more frustrating than lack of engagement and participation from your users? And I'm not just talking about free courses.

People spend hundreds of dollars on paid courses but don't even start the course and the few that do, complete a couple of lessons and give up. They don't return! And it has nothing to do with your content. If your users don't even start your course, how will they know how great your content is?

The fact is... people are more distracted now than ever. They are busy. They have too many options. And there's only so much time in a day.  

So how do you get people to start your course? How you do get users to complete your course? How do you get them to engage with your content? How do you get them to take action? 

Hi, I’m Veena Prashanth.

This year, I made it my mission to address the, "I can't get users to engage with my content" problem

I recently released a course called "Membership Site Launch Made Easy" and testimonials for that course are still pouring in! I've released several courses in the past but I've never gotten engagement and participation from my users like this ever before. And it's not just because of the content. The content is equally good in my other courses too but I didn't have this kind of engagement before.

So what changed?

I gamified my course!

It all starts with great engaging content because nothing matters if the content sucks. But great content is not enough. For my latest course, I used a well known but greatly underused strategy called GAMIFICATION!

And the results were AMAZING!

What gaming elements am I using? How did I implement it?

That's exactly what I'm teaching in my latest course!

How to Double your Course Engagement - using Gamification

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the release of my brand new training program titled, "How to Double your Course Engagement - using Gamification"!

It's the most  comprehensive, step-by-step "gamification implementation" program that not only teaches you gamification strategy and concepts, but also shows you all the steps required to put together a gamified course!

In this course, I'll take you behind-the-scenes to show you the results that I got, how I gamified my course, my entire setup and then show you step-by-step how you can implement it!  

If I can do it, YOU can too! 


Testimonials are pouring in...

from users that have completed this course!

Daniel  Aveiga

This course has opened my mind to so many business possibilities. I initially started this course with one vague idea of what to do and it has given me the clarity I need to start implementing so many profitable ideas for my current business and future ones. This is truly a one-of-a-kind course, one that can give you a whole new business perspective. Be ready to get your mind blown with so many business opportunities.


Wow, I thought my brain was addicted to creating and systematizing solutions. Veena and her team are from another planet ! They have thought of darn near everything in developing the DAP-GOP-SCP yellow brick road. But more than that they have made the implementation a no-brainer. It's like they innately know how we website business owners are going to need a, b, c and they proactively build it in so that we're successful. I almost feel guilty because Veena has made it a simple as hitting the Easy Button! Cannot wait to put all of this into action.

Gwen Richardson


This course has my mind whirling with possibilities! I have a full page of notes on how to implement what you taught on my site. You explain things very well and I will refer back to the modules as I implement the different ideas that you laid out. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion. You've made me eager to try it myself!

Mada Engel

I wasn't a big fan of the gamification experiences I had been subjected to personally in the past, so when I heard you were making gamification a key focus area for the whole year, I wasn't sure I was going to engage much with it. Boy was I ever mistaken!

Not only have you taken what could easily be a complex topic and addressed it in a very simple, implementable manner in this course, you've delivered a fantastic plugin which makes it quick and easy to deploy as well. I now have all I need to curate a tasty, useful and fun "gamified" customer experience exactly how I want it! Thanks a bunch for a great course and for the GameofPoints plugin.

Oob Nding


What you will learn!

Gamification: Join, Earn & Redeem! 

Gamification is all about recognizing and rewarding users that take action, put in the work, engage with your content and community and share it with their friends and followers.

In other words, it's all about identifying and rewarding your best customers! The picture on the right is from Steve Madden's rewards page and I love how they describe it - join the rewards program, earn points when you shop & redeem points for discounts! 

Implementing a rewards program is a simple 3-step process:

  • Create a way for your users to join your rewards program.
  • Incentivize users with points for taking action that you want them to take. Create different ways (based on what makes sense for your business) to allow users can earn points.
  • Create different ways in which your users can redeem the points they have earned through their efforts.

How to implement a rewards program

In this course, you'll learn step-by-step how to implement a great rewards program for your business!

I don't teach what I haven't tried out myself. I've implemented and tested everything that I teach in this course! It's not some high level fluff that you learn in other courses that costs hundreds of dollars but does not teach you how to actually apply and implement it in your business.

I recently created a "lab rewards" program for my lab members. It's all about recognizing my top performers and most engaged users. My GameOfPoints (GoP) plugin allows me to make my gamification dream a reality! 

In this course, you'll learn "How To Implement all of these Action-Based Points" in this course!

Learn Different Ways your can allow your users to earn points

1 Point



1 Point

Earn a point for every completed lesson

1 Point

Signup for my freebies

and earn a point

5 Points

Make a purchase

and earn 5 points

Take Action & Earn Points

LAB Rewards

1 Point

Engage in my Facebook group and Earn a point

5 Points

Earn 5 points for 

every recurring payment

1 Point

Share on social

and earn a point

1 Point

Refer a new member

and Earn a point

Learn Different ways you can allow 

users to redeem earned points

Learn how to Implement a VIRAL "Gamified" Referral Program

  • 4 different ways you can gamify your referral program.
  • How you can create & publish a referral leaderboard to recognize your top affiliates.
  • How you can track points earned by your referral leaders.
  • How to setup a points-based referral program using DAP & GoP.
  • Behind-the-scenes of my viral referral loop implementation.
  • AppSumo's referral program and what we all can learn from it.
  • How you can implement a VIRAL referral loop to grow your business.

How to get users to share your content

Unless you own a very popular brand with hundreds and thousands of passionate fans who believe in your brand, the hard truth is... most of your content will not be organically shared.

Yes, there are some brands out there with amazingly supportive fans that like and share every piece of content, but it majority of cases, it's hard to get people to organically share content.

So how do you increase your post’s visibility so it's seen by more people? You incentivize sharing!

To effectively incentivize your users to share content, you need to ensure that each one of them sees the benefit of sharing.
Award points to users for sharing your content. Let them know what they can do with the points.

You'll learn how to implement a points-based share button in this course!

Badges & Leaderboard : Learn how to

Identify, Recognize &Reward your TOP Performers!

  • How to create badges.
  • How to use badges to recognize and reward your top performers.
  • How to display member badges in your members area.
  • How you can create and publish a leaderboard to showcase the top performers/most engaged users of your course to encourage them and motivate them to keep going.
  • How to create a referral leaderboard to recognize your top affiliates.
  • How you can use points to identify and reward top performers in different categories.

Every Single Techy Steps of "How to Gamify your Business"
 Explained in Clear and Vivid Detail!

This year when I was doing my research on gamification, I came across several great examples of how big, successful companies were using different types of gaming elements to grow their brand. Amazon, Starbucks, AppSumo, FanDango, Steve Madden, Audible, FitBit to name a few.

  • Amazon Rewards Program: Unlock points upon purchase and spend points in their store.
  • Starbucks gives you 2 stars for every $ you spend. You can redeem it for free food, drinks, etc.
  • AppSumo gives you 10 points for every new customer you refer. You can use your earned points towards purchase of products in their marketplace.
  • FanDango Rewards: Awards expiring points (use it or lose it) and you can use it towards your purchase of movie tickets online.
  • Steve Madden Rewards: Multiple ways to earn points (for e.g. share on social to earn points, earn points with every purchase, etc).
  • Audible membership (recurring) points: earn points with your audible membership (with every recurring payment). Use it towards purchase in their store.
  • FitBit: leaderboard, badges, friendly competition and so much more.

Obviously there's a reason all of these companies use a rewards program. It works! And now you can do everything you see these big companies do! And do it even better!

In this course, I've shared everything you need to know to gamify your businessthe right way, in simple, easy steps.

I received several testimonials from users after they completed my last course - "Membership Site Launch Made Easy" and  one thing that many users mentioned was that they loved how I had simplified complex steps into easy-to-understand and implement steps that gave them the confidence they can do it.  I've done the same in this course as well. I've broken down complex steps into easy-to-understand, simple steps that you can easily implement in your business.

I'm committed to helping you transform your business! 

Are you ready to take action and follow the steps

to take your business to the next level?

What's Included In this Course?

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Video 1 ( 3m 54)


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Video 2 ( 7m 09s)

Simple Gamification Strategy

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Video 3 (6m 59s)

User Experience

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Video 4 (8m 21s)

My Gamified Course

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Video 5 ( 7m 27s)

Create & Award Badges

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Video 6 ( 8m 55s)

Top Performers Leaderboard

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Video 7 (3m 32s)

Gamify your Referrals

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Video 8 (5m 55s)

Referral Leaderboard

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Video 9 ( 3m 22s)

Points-Based Referral

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Video 10 ( 6m 26s)

Viral Referral Loop

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Video 11 (5m 19s)

Implement Viral Loop

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Video 12 (9m 08s)

Gamify your Testimonials

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Video 13 ( 5m 48s)

Rewards Page

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Video 14 ( 10m 33s)

Part 1: Action Points

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Video 15 (2m 55s)

Part 2: Action Points

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Video 16 (5m 47s)

Part 3: Action Points

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Video 17 (8m 26s)

Redeem Points

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Video 18 ( 4m 35s)


It's time to Gamify your Business!



Online Course Launch Made Easy!

You'll receive access to my upcoming course where I'll show you every single step that allows me to quickly setup and launch my courses.

  • How I create my courses.
  • How I integrate it with my membership plugin.
  • Should you use a LMS, or a Membership Plugin or Both?
  • How to add a course progress bar.

Steal my Gamified Templates!

Want access to my "rewards templates"? Now you can! You'll be receiving access to this and all my other gamified templates! 



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