social proof is one of the most powerful forces when it comes to persuasion, trust and selling

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Real Time Sales Notifications!

Display Real-time notification of Recent Sales to increase buyer Confidence & Trust. 

Real Time Opt-in Notifications!

Increase your opt-ins with Real-time notification of recent opt-ins. a great motivator for your potential prospects.


Popup or In-place Notifications!

Place sales & Opt-in notifications wherever you want - Bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right etc.


Create Custom Notifications

Give manual access to your beta testers and use that as social proof! You can import data into SSP!

TOTAL Sales Notification!

Display Real-time notification of total sales in a given time period. another way to increase buyer confidence.

Page VISITS Notification!

Display Real-Time Notification Of Total # of Page Visits! If you do not want to display page visits, you can turn it off.

Zapier Integration

Connect your Email or your shopping cart platform with Zapier, and connect Zapier with SSP for live feed of opt-ins and sales! 


Fully Customizable

The templates for all the notifications (recent activity, Total Sales, Total Visits) are fully customizable and mobile responsive!

DAP & SPC Integration

use DAP or to sell your products?. SSP Can automatically  display live opt-in & Sales data from these platforms!

Schedule Expiration

You can configure the period of time (in days) during which the notifications should be active. Notifications will turn off after that.

Display Time

You can configure how long each notification should be displayed on the screen so it does not annoy your potential customers!


You can configure time interval between 2 notifications (counted by seconds) so the notifications don't popup too often!


Members-Area Upsell

display targeted messages based on the products your members have in the members area. Use this for special offers, upgrades, upsells etc.

Display Testimonials

display testimonials or any other messages on your sales page, checkout page, upsell page etc and use that as social proof!

Silent Mode

Set a threshold for each notification so if your recent sales, total sales, visits are less than the threshold, SSP won't display the notifications!

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