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can't get users to register

can't get users to login

cant get users to complete the course

can't get users to comment or share

I just can't do this anymore

Want a different outcome?

  • You've put together an incredible course that teaches people step-by-step how to solve a specific problem that they have, but even paying customers don't take action. Some don't even start the course. Some start but stop after a couple of lessons. Not because your content is not great but they get distracted, lose motivation and don't come back.
  • You've created an awesome video where you take users behind-the-scenes to show them how to implement a specific strategy that's getting you great results and how they can do the same. And you end up with just 10-15 views.
  • You have a membership site but a big percentage of  paying members don't even login. Those that login, don't consume your content. 
  • You give away great content for free but can't get people to register.
  • You have a membership site but the average member retention rate is just 3 months. You can't get users to stick around. Users leave as they just don't have the time or the motivation to consume your content. If they don't fully consume your content, they won't get the results you promised. They look at the finish line and get overwhelmed. They give up before they start! What's the point of great content if users don't consume it?
  • You send out an email with a link to your blog where you have shared something really valuable that you know will help them, but you can't get people to click the link!
  • You put in a lot of time into creating a great podcast that can help your audience and get 30 downloads.

And so on...

All of us at some point or other have faced the "can't get my users to engage and participate" problem and it can be so deflating. Self doubt starts creeping in. You feel like giving up...

Been there?

Creating more content is NOT the solution.

I've been there, done that!

Didn't help. In today's fast-paced world, people are more distracted than ever. They have a ton of options. To stand out and to differentiate yourself from your competition, you'll need to cut through the noise and get them engaged.  

Nothing matters more than delivering a great user experience and creating lasting engagement.

And the only way to do this.. is by embracing the hottest new strategy in business and for good reason--it's helping leading companies create unprecedented engagement with customers!

What is this strategy?

It's called... GAMIFICATION!

Gamification isn’t just a marketing buzzword. It’s a way to trigger real, powerful human emotions that can result in better customer experiences, increased engagement, and unbelievable brand loyalty.

Pretty much all big, successul companies use gamification to reward their members and get them to take their desired action but most online business owners shy way from it.

Why is that?

Lack of education, lack of tools, tech overwhlem, implementation issues... all of these things play a part in it.

But... all of that is going to change today!


By using a tool whose only purpose in life is to help you standout and differentiate yourself from your competition and say goodbye to "my users don't engage with my content" problems :-).

Are you ready? 

Say hello to the most comprehensiveeasy-to-use and customizable gamification plugin ever! 

GameOfPoints (GoP) uses the latest innovations from game design, loyalty programs, and behavioral economics to help you cut through the noise and transform your business into a lean, mean machine ready to fight the battle for user attention and loyalty.

Welcome to the GAME OF POINTS!

Key Features

Incentivize users with points for taking action!

Registration Points

Gamify your opt-ins to increase your conversion rate. Award points when users signup for your freebie.

Login Points

Incentivize users with points for login. Instead of awarding daily login points, your can set max point limit to prevent abuse.

Purchase Points

Give users points for purchase. Similar to what Amazon does. Allow them to redeem points in your store.

Recurring Points

Reward your loyal users with points upon every recurring payment. Allow them to redeem points in your store.

Referral Points

Award users points for referrals. You can offer your affiliates just cash, just credits or both for every referral.

Social Share Points

Incentivize users with points for sharing your content on social. Integrates with Facebook & Twitter.

Comment Points

Incentivize users with points for leaving a comment (points awarded for approved comments ) on your blog.

Page Visit Points

Award users with points when they visit any page on your site! You can use it to increase your email click rate!

Course Complete

Award points when users complete your course. Integrates with WP Courseware currently.

Module Complete

Award points when users complete each module. Integrates with WP Courseware currently.

Unit Complete

Award points when users complete each lesson. Integrates with WP Courseware currently.

Survey/Quiz Points

Award users with points when they complete your survey! GoP integrates with SurveyMonkey.

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