LearnDash is a very powerful and popular LMS.

It will allow to you create and sell courses, track user progress, deliver certificates, award points and badges and a lot more. LearnDash also has some membership features. It will allow you to protect your course content, package and deliver your courses as a one-off product or as a subscription. So you'll find some overlap in features and functionalities of LearnDash and membership plugins like DAP.

Watch the video to learn all about the:

  • * Overlapping features.
  • * Benefits of using LearnDash versus other Membership plugins.
  • * LearnDash has some membership features. Should you use a Membership Plugin in addition to LearnDah?
  • * How you can combine DAP and LearnDash to create a robust, stable, scalable and profitable membership site.
  • * Watch the next video to see how you can create your course in LearnDash.