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My Launch Shortcuts!

Launch products faster than you thought possible - using these shortcuts!

Have a new product or service to launch

Launch weeks are crazy, stressful times!

Launch weeks inevitably end up being crazy, stressful times.

We tend to give ourselves less time than what we need, and that certainly adds to the stress.

As you may know, we recently launched a help desk plugin called DAP Ticket. My kids had their spring break the week before my launch. So we took some time off for a family vacation.

We got back home on Monday night and my launch was on Wednesday morning!

I had just 14 hours to put things together for my launch!

But there was no panic, no stress!

So how do I prepare my site for launch and get ready for launch so quickly without compromising quality? What's my secret to a stress-free product launch?

That's exactly what you'll learn in this training! 

Launching a product is an intense and stressful time
for many,  but not for me! I look forward to it!

I launch several products every year - from software products to online courses, trainings etc. I don't have a lot of free time to work on my launches. Yes, I've a team that helps me with product design, development and testing, but I handle the rest. From the sales video, sales page to setting up the website, products etc, I do it all myself. And I do most of my launch prep in just one day!

My products never live on my hard drive for too long! Once the product is ready, it makes it's way into the world quickly. I never postpone a launch because I'm nervous about the launch process or because I don't have enough time or because I want to make sure everything is perfect! Making excuses is not my thing.


Yes, I'm a techie but it has nothing to do with the success of my launches or the speed with which I'm able to get things ready for my launch. It's just that I've figured out shortcuts for everything! It helps me save time, effort and money, without compromising quality!

The good news for you is...

In this training, you'll not just discover all of
my launch shortcuts, you'll also learn how to apply it
to your own product launches to save time, money & effort!

  • Launch madness - behind-the-scenes of my product launch!
  • Shortcuts that I use to create my sales page.
  • How I create my gifs (the ones you see on the DAP Ticket sales page).
  • How I setup my products.
  • How I create my order bump offer.
  • How I create my Upsell Funnel!
  • How I connect different DAP sites - sales site and content delivery site.

You'll get the most out of this training if you use these products:

  • (DAP) - Membership Plugin
  • SmartPayCart (SPC)  - Shopping Cart Plugin
  • Thrive Architect (from Thrive Themes) - Page Builder Plugin

Product Launch Made Easy!
Minimize Stress, Maximize Success

Launch Shortcuts

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