Amazon SES vs Amazon SNS!
Why you need an Amazon SNS account to track your Email Stats!

Watch this video for all the details!

This is part-1 of a 2-part series on how to track your email stats (opens, clicks, bounced emails, delivered emails etc) using Amazon SES (for SMTP) and Amazon SNS (for tracking) and integrate it all with DAP!

Watch the video to learn:

1. What is Amazon SNS? 

2. Why you need an Amazon SNS account to track your email stats if you use SES for SMTP!

3. How to create a communication channel / topic in SNS! 

4. How to create a configuration set in SES and integrate it with SNS!

5. How to connect DAP with SES and SNS.

Please note: You need to be on DAP v7.2.3 (or above) to use this feature!

And you only need a SNS account if you use SES as your SMTP server and want to track your email stats in DAP.

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How to connect SES with DAP!

If you want to use Amazon SES as your SMTP server, be sure to click on the button below to watch the video on how to integrate DAP with SES! I've explained all the steps required to integrate DAP with SES in this video.

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