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A Video-Based Training Program That Teaches You STEP-BY-STEP How to Generate More Income by incorporating Sales Funnels & Upsells in your Business!

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Need Help Building Your Sales Funnels / Member Funnel ?

Actionable tips & Training that will show you how to Build

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using simple and easy-to-implement steps!

One of the easiest ways to maximize your profits is by incorporating sales funnels and upsells in your business! It'll allow you to increase your revenue with your existing traffic and existing customers!

After working with hundreds of membership site users, I know that many users feel overwhelmed with the tech involved in the whole funnel building process! In this mini-course, I've simplified complex funnel concepts so they are easy to take action on. And I'll take you behind-the-scenes to show you step-by-step how you can actually build different types of funnels - lead magnet funnels, sales funnels, members area funnels, product launch funnel, webinar funnel ect! 

By the end of this course, my hope is that you'll be able to confidently create a high converting funnel without relying on a team of techies or spending hundreds of dollars a month on expensive funnel software.

Step-by-step strategies you can implement
for immediate results!

Sales Funnel Simplified!

What's Included in this Course!

Module 1

Key Components of a Sales Funnel

There are 3 main types of funnels that will allow you to  maximize your conversions and increase your average order value. If you send all users through the same funnel, it'll result in website abandonment and it'll adversely impact your conversions. So in this video I'll walk through the basic funnel concepts, criteria to segment users and send them through the right funnel, different types of funnels and also how to build a high-converting sales funnel.

Module 2

Different Types of Upsells

There are 4 main types of upsells - pre-purchase upsell, checkout page upsell, post-purchase upsell and members-area upsell! From the Amazon Style, "Customers purchasing this were also interested in" to the "Frequently Bought Together" upsell strategy, in this video training, you'll learn all about different types of upsells and how you can implement them in your business!

Module 3

Simple Lead Generation Funnel

There are many ways you can create a simple lead generation funnel. You can do it using just your membership plugin or you can do it using a 3rd party software and connect it with your email platform and/or your membership plugin. We'll look into this in detail in this series of lessons on lead generation funnels!

  • Introduction to Lead Generation Funnels.
  • How to create a lead generation funnel using whatever software you use to generate your opt-in form and connect with your membership plugin or email platform. In this video, I'll show you how i connect Thrive Lead Box with DAP and my email platform, configure redirect, set up captcha, configure emails etc.
  • 3 ways you can create a lead generation funnel using DAP.

Module 4

Product Launch Funnel

A product launch funnel will allow you to build anticipation, momentum and crazy frenzy before your launch. And there's not just one way to do this. You can tweak the basic 'product-launch' formula and make it your own. You can do this even with your free courses to build buzz and get users to opt-in! From basic concepts to the EXACT steps to actually build a funnel like this, in this module, you'll find all the information you need to build a product launch funnel for your next product launch or a free course launch! 

  • Introduction to Product Launch Funnel! What is a product launch funnel? Different components of a product launch funnel.  Examples that will give you ideas for your own product launch funnel.
  • I'll show you end-to-end all the steps required to build a simple product launch funnel. From how I create my opt-in page (that kicks off the funnel) to how I create each individual lesson page. You can replicate the steps to build your own product launch funnel in no time.
  • How I use a membership site for my product launch funnel.

Module 5

Cool Conversion Hacks

This is an awesome contribution by Guest Instructor, Torey Lynn.

Torey is a long time user of DAP.  And she has also been using (SPC) from a couple of years. She continues to find new ways to grow her leads and sales. It's AMAZING how well she is using SmartPayCart (SPC) to grow her sales! 

In this video, Torey takes us behind-the-scenes to share a couple of cool conversion hacks that has greatly helped her grow her sales!

Module 6

Webinar Funnel

I'll show how to automate your webinar funnel using DAP and Zoom.

Module 7

Sales Funnel

Every business needs to have a sales funnel. And every successful businesses have multiple sales funnels as the funnel you should send your users throgh, should be based on who they are, where they're in their journey, do they know, like and trust you etc.

  • Introduction.
  • How to build a SMART funnel so you can present different upsell offers to different users based on the products and services they own or don't own yet.
  • How to offer Amazon-style 'frequently bought together' as a checkout page upsell.
  • How you can offer a free trial to your membership site as an order bump!
  • BTS Action: Lead Magnet Funnel - free to paid offers.
  • BTS Action: Sales Funnel with 1 upsell offer + 1 downsell offer.
  • BTS Action: Sales Funnel with 2 upsell offers + a downsell offer.
  • BTS Action: Sales Funnel with a main offer, order bump and an upsell offer.

Module 8

Members-Area Funnel

If you to maximize your profits from your existing customers, there's no better way to do this than using 'members-area' upsells! 

  • Introduction.
  • 1-click Members-Area upsells.
  • The power of shortcodes in upselling.
  • How to upsell using 'You might be Interested In' in the "My Contents" page!

Imagine being able to increase your earnings by 30%, 50% or even double your earnings – just by plugging in sales funnels and upsells into your business? And to know that you can achieve such increases in profits with your existing traffic and existing customers? No, I am not exaggerating or overstating the power of funnels. It's a proven fact!

I created one of the first upsell plugins for Paypal back in 2010. I'm also the founder of (SPC), one of the most advanced and customizable shopping cart plugin for Wordpress. SPC makes it really easy to build sales funnels and members area funnels!  My years of experience in coaching and training clients on the best and the most optimal ways to set up their funnels and monetize content, along with my experiences in developing multiple upsell plugins and implementing upsells with great success in my own businesses, resulted in my Amazon Best Selling Book – Upsells Unleashed!

I try my best to personally help as many users as I can but there are only so many hours in a day! I knew I had to share my knowledge and experiences in a better and more efficient way so more people could benefit from it.  
And that's why I launched Membership Site LAB - your one-stop shop for all your membership site and sales funnel needs. 

Each training in the LAB is designed to help and reduce the time you spend on tech, troubleshooting and fixing problems!  I'll continue to add more videos, training and mini-courses to the LAB.  Currently there are two courses in the LAB that are designed to help you grow your business and reduce the tech overwhelm! 

1.  Membership Site in 8 Hours!
2.  Sales Funnel Simplified

I'll be adding several more courses to the LAB. As a LAB member, you'll gain access to all the new courses/training, so you don't have purchase each individual course. So I hope you will use the in-depth training / courses that are in the LAB to build and grow your online business. 

Now is the best time to enroll as I'm still offering early bird discount on LAB membership.  Welcome to Membership Site LAB :-).

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Veena Prashanth... (DAP) (SPC) (MSL)

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What Else is in the LAB?

Training: Build your Membership Site in 8 Hours 

Actionable tips & trainings on how to build a membership site quickly!

From basic membership site concepts to the 

Shortcuts that will allow you to 

Quickly Build & Launch your Membership Site!

Now Available

Video 1

Membership Site Scope

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Video 2

Key Terms And Concepts

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Video 3

Tools & Plugins

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Video 4

My Plugin Stack

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Video 5

Membership Site Model

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Video 6

Behind-the-Scenes (DAP)

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Video 7

Shortcuts + Member Pages

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Video 8

Website Security

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Video 9

1-Click Registrations

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Video 10

Behind-the-Scenes (SPC)

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Video 11

Connect Sites (DAP2DAP)


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