SmartPayCart (SPC) vs Other Shopping Cart Platforms

How SPC can help you generate more sales than all other cart plugins/platforms!


Drag & Drop Checkout Page Builder, Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click & Member's Area Upsells,

One-Off & Subscription Products, Visual Funnel Builder, Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts,  

Dunning Management, Tracking, Storefront, Pay-what-you-want, Donation buttons and more...

Be sure to watch this video to see what makes SPC different
from all other shopping cart plugins or platforms
that you may have used before or using currently!

Grow your Sales using SPC!

  • 1
    No need to create products. SPC picks up product details from DAP!
  • 2
    No easier way to increase your average order value than order bumps. SPC comes with several order bump options, each designed to help you increase your transaction value. Click here for my podcast episode on SPC Order Bumps.
  • 3
    Offer Multiple "Order Bumps" on your Checkout page. In fact, some SPC users offer up to 5 order bumps on their checkout and it's converting well for them! You can't do this with other cart platforms. Details in the video above.
  • 4
    Offer "Free ($0) Trial" to your membership as an "Order Bump" using SPC. Can't do this with other cart platforms. 
  • 5
    Create multiple buy buttons to sell the same product, each with a different offer. No need to create new products for new offers like most other cart platforms. Watch video for details.
  • 6
    Connect each buy button to a different upsell funnel to see which one does well. Funnels can be configured at "button level". So same product can have multiple buy buttons, and each button can be connected to it's own upsell funnel! It's not as easy as this in other platforms. Watch video for details. 
  • 7
    Create an instant storefront for your products using SPC. 
  • 8
    Create Pay-what-you-want buttons.
  • 9
    Create Donation buttons.
  • 10
    Track everything! Full-fledged reporting feature.
  • 11
    Automated membership login! Users don't have to wait for a welcome email with credentials to login. They are auto-logged-in to their membership after purchase.
  • 12
    Several coupon features - pre-applied coupons, strikeout old price, coupon customizer and more
  • 13
    The world's best checkout page (order form) customizer!  Add/edit fields with a click of a button, style your form to match your site and more!
  • 14
    Drag/drop checkout page builder. 
  • 15
    Sell one-off products, subscription products, payment plans etc.
  • 16
    Integrates with Stripe, and Paypal.
  • 17
    Offer FREE Trial to your membership. 
  • 18
    Create and customize your checkout page once and use it again and again for your products. No need to create a checkout page for every product like other platforms.
  • 19
    Send instant invoice emails.
  • 20
    Create an Update Credit Card / Billing interface instantly. Users can update their card and billing details on this page.
  • 21
    Supports GDPR. 
  • 22
    Supports EU Vat calculation.
  • 23
    Comes with an advanced automation engine that will allow you to connect to your email platform like Aweber, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Drip etc.
  • 24
    Integrates with Zapier.

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