Membership Model: 7 Key Benefits of a Content Drip Model

Watch Video To Learn the Benefits of a Content Drip Model!

Content Drip Model

A subscription model is just one application of a membership site. There are a variety of ways you can create and deliver your products & services from a DAP-Powered membership site.

One of the benefits of drip feeding content in smaller chunks is that it gives members enough time to thoroughly consume content without feeling overwhelmed. It'll also allow you to prevent people from downloading all your content and then cancelling their subscription or requesting a refund. But there are several other benefits of a content drip model. 

Watch video to learn what separates content drip model from other membership models, key benefits of a drip model, how it can help you prevent people from downloading all of your content and leaving, how it can help you increase membership engagement and retention, how can setup content dripping in DAP and more! 

How to Start Selling in 5 Minutes!

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