Tiered Membership Model

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How to offer Multiple pricing Tiers for your Membership!

Membership tiers will allow you to attract users with different needs and priorities, and create different tracks to accommodate users with different commitment, skill levels and different needs and wants from your product or service. 

You can create multiple pricing tiers/levels, each with distinct benefits and features. This means a lower-level would have basic benefits and flexibility, and a higher-level tier would come with more benefits and options. You can offer different levels of access to content, or offer completely different content with each tier. Your could make your tier completely free, or charge a one-time fee or make it a recurring subscription.

Just make sure that your top and mid-level tiers are packaged in a way that you are able to justify the extra cost for it. 

A tiered pricing model could be about:


Restricting Features: The highest level gets access to all of your content. This is what I do in my lab where I've 3 tiers - free, paid, membership. The first 3 lessons of my "launch made easy" course is free for those in the free tier. The entire course content is available to those that purchase the full course. All courses/trainings and benefits are available to those that subscribe to the annual membership.


Restricting Benefits:  All levels get the same features but the higher levels get additional benefits such as a done-for-you service, group or one-on-one coaching, access to office hours, access to community/forum, templates/library, bonuses, special discounts, etc.


Same features and benefits until threshold is reached: All levels get access to same features and benefits until a threshold is reached. Similar to what MailerLite is doing where their free level has access to all features but once the number of subscribers reach 1000, it's no longer free. Similar to what we do with DigitalAccessPass.com 1-site and unlimited-site license where the features are the same but 1-site users can use DAP only on one of their sites.

How many is too many?

Too many tiers/levels may cause overwhlem and confusion. So keep it simple, for e.g. - a free plan, basic plan and premium plan. You can always upsell additional tiers in the members area or via post-purchase upsells.

Also, if you list all the details in the pricing table, you'll end up confusing or overwhelming users so just list the core features but not every detail. You can always survey your new users after they become customers to learn more about whether they found your offer confusing and then refine it based on user feedback.

Example of a Tiered Pricing Model

Free Plan

This will allow users to signup and experience your site for free. You could offer a free tier with all of the features but limit access to a shorter duration (free trial). Or you could offer a free tier with limited features/content. Similar to what I do with my "launch made easy" course where the free access is limited to just the 3 lessons.

If users signup for the free tier, you can upsell mid-level and higher level tiers in the members area.

Standard Plan

You can offer members access to core content and resources with the basic/standard (paid) tier. Just make sure that more expensive options are packaged in a way that helps your members justify the extra cost.

For e.g., on our DigitalAccessPass.com site, we offer 2 membership packages - platinum & elite. The platinum packages costs $39.99/month and comes with all of our plugins EXCEPT SmartPayCart.com (SPC) and GameOfPoints.com (GoP). The elite membership package includes ALL of our plugins for just an extra $10/month. The elite package costs $49.99/month.

Most users sign up for elite. And those that start with platinum often end up upgrading to elite after they see the benefits of SPC & GoP. But there are some users that don't need a cart platform (as they already own a different cart platform) and just need a membership plugin. These tiers allow users to pick an option that works best for their specific wants and needs.

Premium Plan

With each tier, you could offer different features/content and/or benefits.

For e.g., if you offer online courses for one-off payment, you could create a premium plan and give users access to ALL of the courses, for a monthly or annual fee. You could also offer services that are not available to the standard plan such as a done-for-you service,  group or one-on-one coaching, access to office hours, community/forum, templates/library, bonuses and special discount. Once users experience your site and believe they want more of your content and by spending a little more, they can get a lot more value, there is a good chance that will upgrade to your mid-level or to the top tier. 

A tiered membership model will allow you to create a well-rounded experience for all types of users.

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