How to offer "FREE Trial" in a few easy steps!

Watch this video to see how you can offer a free membership trial!

Want to offer free trial of your membership?

Different users have different needs and wants. When someone wants to join a membership, they are going to have a lot of questions before they join. You can address them all in the FAQ section of your site but often, it'll likely not be enough to get them to sign up. You'll have find a way to convince users that your content/product can really help them now just solve the problem but also in a way they want it solved.

One of the main benefits of free trial is that once people get a taste of your content/product, and are convinced that it can help them, there is a high chance that they'll continue paying after the trial period ends. 

You can offer a free trial in 2 different ways:

1. Offer full access to your product during the trial period.
2. Create an entry level membership and offer access to limited content/features during the free trial period. The content you include in the free trial offer will help them deide if they want to cancel or continue.

There are a few key things you need to consider with a free trial offer:


Your trial period! Are you giving users sufficient time to check out the keys parts of your product or service or are you overwhelming them with them too much in a short duration of time?


If you offer limited content/features in the trial period, is it enough to help them decide if they want to continue?


It is important to gather data and refine your trial offer based on your findings. If you offer "full access" to your product/content during the trial period, you may want to watch for those that join to simply consume/download your content and leave. In this case, you may want to restrict access during the trial period to just certain features or content. 


If it's an online course, you may not want to offer your entire course for free during the trial period because you run the risk of users downloading your content and then cancelling / asking for a refund. For e.g., I've a course called "membership site launch made easy" and I offer the first 3 lessons of this course for free, instead of offering the entire course for free during the trial period.

A free trial will allow you to get your product in front of your audience, show them how awesome your product is and help them decide if it's something they really need or want or if it's something that they can do without. If you end up with a high rate of users that signup and cancel after the free trial period ends, you may want to rethink your free trial strategy. Survey your audience to find out the reason for cancellation and use it to improve your product/content.

Trial periods are a great opportunity to survey your audience and ask for feedback on your services and products. Also, in some cases, a low-cost paid trial may work better than a free trial.

In fact, many years ago, we offered a 30-day free trial for And then we decided to end that offer because we found that many users were not taking action during the 'free trial' period'. So trial would end and they would cancel their membership or send us an email requesting an extension to their free trial. Things have changed since then and we're planning on bringing back the free trial offer, but instead of a 30-day offer, it'll likely 14-day trial offer. We just want to attract the type of people that are action takers and are serious about their membership site. 

Watch the video above to see how to easily setup a "free trial" offer for your product/service using DAP!


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