How to Implement a Simple Rewards-Based Membership Model

Watch this video to see how to allow users to use Points/Credits for Payment!

How To Implement A Simple Rewards-Based Membership Model

Recently one of our DAP customers contacted us as he wanted to know if there was way to implement a rewards-based membership model. 

Here's what he wanted to do:

1. Award points: When users click on his facebook ad and land on his opt-in page, he wanted to gift those users 100 points.

2. Redeem points: He wanted to allow these users to pay using their points (use points as a currency) on the checkout page. If they didn't have sufficient points, they could pay using part-cash and part-points. 

A simple rewards-based model that's sure to help you increase your opt-in conversions. 

Watch the video to see how you can implement a membership model like this in just 10-15 minutes! 

Steps to implement a simple rewards-based membership model. 


Create your FREE Product in DAP. If you want to give users access to a freebie or other content when they signup for free, you can also setup your content (optional) in DAP >> products >> content responder tab. But if you just want to create a product just to award users points for signup and don't want to offer any free content with it, that's fine too. 


Create an opt-in page. Generate a "free signup form" for your free product in DAP, and publish it on your opt-in page. 


Install the GameOfPoints (GoP) plugin. Activate the plugin.


Go To GoP >> Award Points page. Setup a rule to say when users signup for the "free product", give them 100 points but do not allow them to earn more than 100 points on this product in say a 6-month period (to prevent abuse).


Install/Activate SmartPayCart (SPC). Create a new checkout page in SPC, and select "credits" as the checkout type. 


Update your buy button(s) in SPC and connect it to the new "credits" checkout in the "checkout page" tab of the buy button. In the "credits tab" of your buy button, do a dollar to credits mapping. For e.g, if the product price is say $10 and you want the value in credits/points to be "20", you can set the mapping in this tab. 

Test before you go LIVE!

1. Signup as a NEW user.

Go to the opt-in page. You can sign up as a new user (in a browser where you're not already logged-in to DAP).

2. Check to make sure user was awarded points.

Login to your DAP admin dashboard. Go to Members >> Manage page. Find the newly added user. Click on the name and it should bring you to the edit member page. See if the user was awarded points. You'll find it in the "credits" field.

3. Purchase using Points

Now login as this user. Click on the buy button page / sales page of any of your products that you updated to support "payment using points". See if you find the option to "pay using points" on the checkout. If yes, test two things. First test purchase of a product that requires less than the total number of points the user has as this way you can fully pay for it using points.  

Then signup for the free  offer using a new email, login as this user and go to the buy button page of a product that requires more than the points the user has. On the checkout, you should be able to use the points and pay the remaining balance using credit card or paypal. That's it! 

As you can see, it's really easy to implement a simple rewards-based model using DAP, SPC and GoP. 

It'll definitely help you increase your opt-in conversions because not only are you giving away a valuable freebie when users opt-in, but on the top of that, users get a valuable free gift (free points) that they could use it towards purchase of products/services on your site. This is the kind of reward your customers will value the most. 

Watch the video above to see how to set this all up in a few easy steps! 


You are welcome to join my Facebook group and post any (non-support related) questions that you may have about DAP or membership sites in general. 

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