All Access Membership Model

In this type of model, you give your members instant and full access to everything in your membership site - products, resources, training videos, templates and other offerings. It'll allow you to attract people that prefer instant access and don't want to wait for a slow drip release of content. They want to consume the content at their own pace rather than a schedule set by you.

It's very easy to setup an all access model using​.

As far as payment, you can charge users:
1. One-time Fee - give them full access
2. Subscription Fee - full access. Payment stops, access stops.

The risk with this type of model is some people may 'download' or consume the content, and cancel. To reduce the risk, you could offer some benefits such as access to templates and bonuses, and services such as office hours, group coaching calls or community access only to active subscribers.  

All access can be used as a standalone model, or in combination with other models. You could offer an all access pass in addition to your regular membership option (with dripped-out content), and you could charge more for the all access pass.

I've membership site called from where I offer both free and paid courses that teaches how to monetize content and build & grow a successful and profitable membership site. I offer two different payment options.

1.  I sell my courses for a one-time fee and give users instant access to all of the course content upfront.

2. I also offer an annual membership to my lab. With membership, users get instant access to all of the courses, libraries, trainings, bonuses, templates and all the good stuff.

I give users instant and full access to everything upfront. I use an all-access model. I don't drip out content.


I've not had users that download/consume content and then cancel. People do cancel at times but not because
they consumed all the content. So I've not had the need to time-release content.

Now, when I launch a course, sometimes I do not release all of the content upfront.  I don't want to delay the launch of a course just because of a few pending lessons in the last module. So i setup all the content that's ready, to be available instantly. I let the users know that what content/lessons will be available within a few days, and then when the pending content is ready for release, I add it to the available content area and make it instantly available.


You are welcome to join my Facebook group and post any (non-support related) questions that you may have about DAP or membership sites in general. 

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