Sales Funnel Simplified!

Watch this video to see how to implement different types of profit-maximizing funnels!

How to Generate More Income by incorporating
Sales Funnels & Upsells in your Business!

One of our customers with a very successful online business - Greg Capra, sent me this email a couple of days ago:

“DAP – SPC (You) make creating additional revenue so easy. I am so grateful that

I found you and wanted to say thank you. Order Bumps work every day, but

thought I would show you one that I just approved. DAP/SPC help print money!”

And he sent me a screenshot of his approved "bump order". It was for $1,131.47.

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive funnel or shopping cart software to build a profitable funnel!

After working with hundreds of membership site users, I know that many users feel overwhelmed with the tech involved in the whole funnel building process! In this short video, I've simplified complex funnel concepts so they are easy to take action on. And you'll learn you step-by-step how to build different types of funnels, from lead magnet funnel to different types of sales funnels.

There are 3 main types of funnels that will allow you to  maximize your conversions and increase your average order value. If you send all users through the same funnel, it'll result in website abandonment and it'll adversely impact your conversions. So in this video I'll walk you through basic funnel concepts, criteria to segment users and send them through the right funnel, different types of funnels and also how to build a high-converting sales funnel.

There are 4 main types of upsells - pre-purchase upsell, checkout page upsell, post-purchase upsell and members-area upsell!

From the Amazon Style, "Customers purchasing this were also interested in" to the "Frequently Bought Together" upsell strategy, in this video training, you'll learn all about different types of upsells and how you can implement them in your business!

Watch this 8-minute video today to see how you can build any type of funnel using the right tools and for a fraction of the cost. You'll learn more from this 8-minute training video than what you may have learnt from expensive funnel courses. 


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How to Start Selling in 5 Minutes!

Looking for a shopping cart platform to sell your products? Watch this video to see how you start selling your products online using (SPC) in just a few minutes!

SPC comes with a Drag and Drop Checkout Page Builder, Order Bumps, Multiple Payment Plans, 1-Click and Member's Area Upsells, Visual Funnel Builder, One-Off and Subscription Products, Pre-Applied Coupons, Order Receipts, Dunning Management, Full Tracking and Reporting, Instant Storefront, Failed Payment Manager, Subscription management, Donation buttons, Pay-what-you-want buttons, Add to Cart buttons and more...

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