How DAP customer - Deborah Johnson is using DAP to
Create & deliver her courses from her membership site!

Deborah Johnson

“I'd love DAP to compete well with Kajabi - they have "templates" and full layouts, making it look easy but they are VERY expensive. DAP has SO many more features, especially combined with Membership. I'd like to see DAP REALLY take off in this area! The "look" is great, combined with Thrive Architect." 

Watch this 2-part video series to learn everything you need to know on how to create/deliver your courses/Trainings using DAP.


Part 1 - User Experience

In this video (part-1), you can see the entire end-to-end user experience of a course fully built using DigitalAccessPass (DAP).
1. What happens when users login to her membership site? Where do they land?
2. How do users access their products/content?
3. How did she design her table-of-contents page (course outline)?
4. How she designed her lesson pages?
5. How did she configure DAP to prevent users from skipping lessons?


Part 2 - How to setup your course in DAP

In this video (part-2), you can see Deborah's entire course setup in DAP!
1. See how she has setup her course in DAP products page.
2. See how she created and customized a "mark as complete" button for her lesson pages. This allows her to prevent users from skipping lessons.
3. See how she created a course outline page (table of contents) for her course using DAP.

4. See how she generated a progress bar and published on her lesson pages.


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