Case Study

How Kisa Katrina uses DAP & Invision Community
to protect her forum content & support her Customers

Kisa's DAP Journey... in her own words!


About 6 weeks ago, Kisa Katrina contacted us as she had some specific "membership site & community" needs and wanted to know if she could implement it using DAP.

I told her that it's possible but she would have to integrate DAP with a community software for some of the features. 

She wanted to know what software would work best with DAP.

I recommended Invision Community.

She did some research and said she loves everything that Invision Community has to offer and it'll work out great for her. ​

Then she signed up for our Done-For-You (DFY) service and a week later... she launched her site!

As part of DFY, we first do a free planning / strategy call and come with a plan designed for the customer and their specific needs. Yes, we had to do a couple of late night calls with her to make sure everything worked right before her launch. Her  launch went really well!

She was very grateful and sent us a really kind video testimonial about her journey and what she was able to do with DAP and the community software!

Please watch this video and let Kisa K know if you've any questions. She is in my Facebook group.

"Figuring out a solution and a configuration that's going to work for whatever business product or service...

that's exactly what Veena did for us in our situation!"

Kisa Katrina


 DONE-FOR-YOU Package!


Hi, my name is Veena Prashanth...

I just wanted to let you know that for the first time ever, we're offering a complete "done for you" package along with FREE licenses of DAP + SPC and tons of bonuses!

If you want someone to help you:
* Setup a forum, setup your trainings/courses, free and paid funnels, and your membership site.
* Help you come up with a membership launch plan and strategy.
* Brainstorm ideas to help you monetize your content and create a profitable membership site.
* Train you on the right way use DAP and SPC, and automate everything

You are just 1-click away from getting that kind of help!

And not just that!

I'm also giving away a FREE copy of DAP + SPC along with tons of other free gifts! So it's a complete no-brainer purchase!

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Veena Prashanth 




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