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Just 3 Hours is all it takes to launch a Membership Website!

Membership Site Launch Made Easy!

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Nino Alves

Info Packed How-To Live Demo

This course presents a step-by-step process detailing the exact steps to take in order to create products, buy buttons, checkout pages, order bumps & sales funnels and product delivery. A must watch to anyone getting started with Digital Access Pass & SmartPayCart - or, for that matter, anyone evaluating how a membership site plugin can be best leveraged to easily configure sell and deliver any digital products.

Hi there!

Welcome to Membership Site Launch Made Easy :-).

I've a great team of designers and developers who help me with product development, support & testing, but when I launch a new membership site, I prefer to do all of the setup work myself!


Because no matter how big the launch is and how complicated the setup is, it takes me less than 3 hours to set everything up and get my site ready for launch! And it's NOT because I'm a techie or because I use several of my own plugins. Anyone can follow my steps for a quick and effortless membership site launch!

How I do it? What's my secret?

I've a whole bunch of shortcuts that allows me to prepare for my membership site launch in under 3 hours! In fact, I don't even install a membership plugin until the day before my launch and my launches always go smoothly. I've never run into any tech issues during my launch! 

I recently launched a gamification plugin called "GameOfPoints (GoP)". This was my biggest launch of the year. At 1:00 PM, the day before my launch, I had not even installed a membership plugin or shopping cart plugin, let alone set things up. But there was NO panic, NO stress. My shortcuts allow me to focus on my content and not worry about the implementation details because I know I can get it done! The key is to do things in a certain order to save time.

Yes, I'm a techie but my simple shortcuts can be used by ANYONE. You don't have to be a techie to launch a membership site! And I've now shared all of my membership site launch shortcuts in this course! Every single one of them! 

I recorded myself as I was setting up the Site so you can see me live in action! And I've broken down the whole process into short video-based lessons. Each lesson has a video that is about 5-10 minutes long and there are just 12 lessons in the course. By the end of this course, you'll learn how to setup your membership site, from start to finish, in just a couple of hours! 

Everything you see in the mindmap below, you'll learn step-by-step HOW to implement it (along with my shortcuts to speed things up).

Quickly set up your new membership site as you watch the easy to follow videos!

“The Membership Site Launch Made Easy course was great! Easy to follow & divided into nice digestible sections.

Even if you are familiar with DAP & SPC it's great to see how Veena, the creator of these tools

uses them to quickly and efficiently to setup a new membership site.”

Sarena Miller

My Membership Site Plan

At 1:00 PM, Day Before the Launch:

Completed Items:

  • Sales Video - 100%.
  • Sales Page - 80%

Pending Items:

  • Membership Plugin Installation.
  • Product Setup: 1 Site, Unlimited-Site, Lifetime, Done-For-You.
  • Shopping Cart Plugin Installation/Setup.
  • Order Form Customization.
  • Buy Buttons for my Products.
  • Bump Offer Customization/Setup.
  • Upsell Page / Offer Setup.
  • Bonus Offer Setup
  • Security Setup
  • Exit Offer Setup.
  • Connection between different Member Sites for Order Bump and Plugin Delivery. 
  • End-to-End Testing.
  • Record myself LIVE as I was doing these tasks so I can put together this BTS course for YOU!

But by 4:00 PM the same day (in just 3 hours)...

my site was a 100% ready for launch!

I was able to setup everything in just 3 hours - the day before my big launch, 

while recording myself live so I could put together this course for YOU!

So why did I record myself live the evening before my biggest launch of the year?

Because I wanted to show you:

  • You don't have to delay your launch or give up on your dreams because you're overwhelmed with the implementation details and not sure how to integrate multiple systems to make everything works seamlessly.
  • You don't have to spend several days on setup.
  • You don't have to spend hundreds on dollars on developers to help you with your membership site launch.
  • Launching a membership website does not have to be stressful. 
  • You don't have to be a techie to launch and manage a membership website. 

Doug Lietz

Veena's Commitment Shows!

"One of the main litmus tests to gauge whether a product is worthy of my investment, is to determine whether or not the developer actually uses it in their own business. This course makes it obvious that Veena practices what she preaches. Great job!"

What's Included In this Course?

You'll learn how to setup a membership site quickly and effortlessly, without any stress or overwhelm, using my simple shortcuts! There are a total of 12 short video-based lessons in this course.  

It will take you a TOTAL of just 1.5 hours to take this ENTIRE course!

You can complete the entire course in 1 day or you can do it in 12 days (one day per video). Regardless, I highly encourage you to take this course and not stop after just watching a couple of videos. I want you to get the full value out of this course.

Inspired by Simplicity!

Veena demonstrates the Yellow Brick Road on how to get from A to B in a real, doable, grounded way without any hype or techno jargon. She is walking the talk. 

1) Keep it simple.

2) Integrate the very techniques and incentives that learners will apply.

3) Coach by holding students accountable.

In the end a win-win because Veena builds strong case studies from students that excel from her teachings! And Veena continues to make tools and automation that support ongoing growth and success for those that take action! Yes ☺️ Thanks for all that you do Veena and team!

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Video 1 ( 6m 10s)


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Video 2 ( 8m 30s)

Membership Product Setup

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Video 3 (6m 5s)

Order Form Customization


Video 4 (10m 7s)

Create Payment Button

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Video 5 (8m 9s)

Order Bump Setup/Customization

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Video 6 (5m 28s)

How to create an Upsell Page

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Video 7 (9m 37s)

Sales Funnel Setup

Now Available

Video 8 (11m 40s)

My Shortcuts - Button, Bump, Upsell

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Video 9 (2m 18s)  

Pricing Table Setup

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Video 10 (4m 25s)

Security Plugin Setup

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Video 11 (4m 29s)

Connect Membership Sites

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Video 12  (6m 51s)

Bonus Offer


Testimonials are pouring in...

Veena does exactly as she says - shows you how she links up products, payments, offers, and multiple DAP sites that host different parts of her orders. Inspires you to prepare templates for pages and buttons that can be recycled.

Lucy Freedman -

This is a great example of a true implementation of a Membership Site. Great to see  Veena live-in-action, building her membership site quickly and efficiently!

Hilario Martinez -

This was a fantastic membership site course. Veena leaves nothing to chance and walks you through the entire process of setting up a safe and secure membership site you can sell products from. I loved how she sequenced the training and did a sandbox demonstration to illustrate the inner processes you would need. I especially valued the segment on security. I highly recommend this course.


Great product developer AND great instructor!

Great videos, it was great to see Veena's process, and gave me some great ideas for my next launch!

Daisy Peel -

Veena is a brilliant developer, but obviously is also a great teacher. The step-by-step process is SOOOO Helpful. I love her enthusiasm, and I LOVE that she doesn't waste time with non-relevant information. Everything I've ever seen from Veena has been wonderful. Anyone who's thinking 'membership' needs DAP and The Membership Site LAB.

Bonnie Burtraw



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