Crush it with Online Courses

My name is Veena Prashanth and I’m the co-founder of DigitalAccessPass (DAP) – a membership plugin for WordPress, and the founder of SmartPayCart (SPC) – a shopping cart plugin for WordPress. In the past 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of membership site users. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to “Create, Manage and Deliver Online Courses from a Membership site using a LMS and a Membership Plugin”. I’ll show you how you can do this using 4 different learning management plugins – WP Courseware, Thrive Apprentice, WPEP and LearnDash and I’ll also show you how you can do it all using just a membership plugin like DAP!

You’ll be able experience how an online course delivered using each one of these LMS looks like, how a course can be constructed using each of these LMS, Pros & Cons of each LMS etc.

I’ll also take you behind-the-scenes of my membership site so you can see how I’ve organized my courses, my members area, member upsells etc.

By the end of this course, I’m confident that you’ll have a very clear picture of what LMS will best fit your needs. And you’ll also be able to easily setup the LMS of your choice, integrate it with DAP and go live with it in no time.

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Membership Site in 8 Hours

I recently launch - which is a plugin designed to help with your list building efforts.

I don't sell any subscriptions from this website, just one-off products, but as with all of my products, I'm using a membership site to manage my members and to protect and deliver my products.

It took me a total of 8 hours to put together my entire website, my membership site, products, content delivery, buy buttons, checkout page, bump offer, email integration, connect one membership site to another, everything. I did spend about 2 days on my sales video and sales page, but everything else didn't take much time at all.

I use most of my own tools and plugins to build my membership sites, so yes I know little tricks and tips to speed things up, to set things up quickly.

I've put together this mini-course to take you behind-the-scenes of my FB Lead Machine website and show you my entire set up and everything it takes build a membership site. My hope is that after you complete this training, you'll be able to spend more time on your products and content, and less on the tech and the plugins!

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