Sales Funnel Simplified
There are only 3 Main Funnels and they are all easy to build if you use the right tools. Before you start building out your funnels, it's important that you fully understand some of the core concepts for e.g. what are the different types of funnels, what type of funnel will work best for you and your business, and how to create a high converting funnel. In this mini-course, I've simplified complex funnel concepts so they are easy to take action on. And I'll take you behind-the-scenes to show you step-by-step how you can actually build different types of funnels. By the end of this course, my hope is that you'll be able to confidently create a high converting funnel without relying on a team of techies or spending hundreds of dollars a month on expensive funnel software.
Module 1 Key Components
Unit 1 Key Components of a Sales Funnel
Module 2 Different Types of Upsells
Unit 1 Types of Upsells
Module 3 Simple Lead Magnet Funnel
Unit 1 Simple Lead Generation Funnel
Unit 2 Lead Generation - Thrive Lead Generation
Unit 3 Lead Generation – DAP
Module 4 Product Launch Funnel
Unit 1 Part 1: Introduction: Product Launch Funnel
Unit 2 Part 2 : Product Launch – Build the Funnel (BTS)
Unit 3 Part 3 : Product Launch – Use a Membership Site
Unit 4 Part 4 : Product Launch – Use DAP to build Product Launch Funnel (BTS)
Module 5 Cool Conversion Hacks
Unit 1 Cool Conversion Hacks
Module 6 Webinar Funnel
Unit 1 Webinar Funnel – using DAP, Zapier & Zoom
Module 7 Sales Funnels & Upsells
Unit 1 Introduction to Upsells!
Unit 2 Part 1: Checkout Page Upsell
Unit 3 Part 2: Amazon-Style Frequently Bought Together!
Unit 4 Introduction - Post-Checkout Upsell
Unit 5 Part 1: Post-Checkout Upsell (Upsells, Downsells & Order Bump)
Unit 6 Part 2: Post-Checkout Upsell (Upsells, Downsells & Order Bump)
Unit 7 Part 3: Post-Checkout Upsell (Upsells, Downsells & Order Bump)