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Steve Bimpson

Great content, very comprehensive, very clear explanation of the steps build your own quiz lead magnet !

I love this course. Great content, very comprehensive, very clear explanation of the steps you need to take to build your own quiz lead magnet and it gives a wonderful insight into just how powerful Smart Quiz Builder is, when it comes to enhancing your marketing. Excellent! Thanks Veena!

The Shrinking 

Attention Span

If you are not able to grow your audience despite your best efforts, you are not alone!

Based on my recent survey, over 80% of my audience have the same main challenge!

"No Audience"

Human attention span is at the lowest ever!

The 15 Second Rule

People are easily distracted these days. In fact, according to the stats, 55% of your visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website!

So when a prospect arrives on your site, you need to catch their attention quickly!

Capture Your Prospect's Attention

Here are the two proven ways to capture your visitor's attention:

πŸ‘‰ Interactive Content

πŸ‘‰ Social Proof

Armand Girard

So much valuable information in a short course!

Veena, It's simply amazing how much information you were able to pack in such a short course.  I plan on going through the course again and will be taking notes this time. This course is GOLD! 

What is Interactive Content?

It's digital content such as quizzes, polls, games, assessments, infographics, etc., where people actively participate, instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening.

It’s the type of content that encourages consumers to compete, consume, test their knowledge and achieve results. Interactive content will help you establish a relationship with your prospects and present a better understanding of your products and services.

Once they become a lead, you can continue to provide value and nurture through your sales funnel until they’re ready to become a customer.

Engaged users that trust your brand are more likely to convert into paying customers!

More Consumption will result in More Conversions!

Everyone is creating checklists, worksheets, PDFs and eBooks.

It’s not going to help you increase engagement and interaction with your prospects.

Today it’s all about creating fun and engaging experiences for your website visitors so they’ll stay on your website longer and consume your content.

More consumption will result in more conversions.

Interactive content is here to stay!

What you will Learn

 in this FREE Course

In this course, I'll show you step-by-step, with examples, how you can grow your audience like never before by simply replacing your static forms with fun, interactive quizzes and quiz funnels!

Not just high level strategies that you find in other courses but step-by-step implementation! Just follow the steps and implement what you learn, and I'm confident you'll see great results!

That is exactly what is needed to start marketing, building and engaging people to join your course

That is exactly what is needed to start marketing, building your course and engaging people to join your course. Even if you start from zero, you can get easily going on with templates and instructions. Most important things will be explained starting with SQB funnels and building email lists. Structured templates will help to build the course and compose it as you like.

This mini course is time (1+ hours) well spent – and you can be back to check things when you actually start to build your course. Content in the course being relevant and interesting is on your responsibility...

What's in this Course?

Simple, modern, easy way to build an email list!

Thanks Veena for another simple, modern, easy way to build an email list. An email list is an asset for any business - social media followers belong to the platform owner and are not your asset!

What you'll learn in this course


Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to this course and what you can expect to learn.


Module 2: Lead Magnet Quiz Funnel

What is a lead magnet quiz? Not sure what questions you can ask in your quiz? How your can replace your static opt-in form with a lead magnet quiz funnel. How to Create a Lead Magnet Quiz. 5 different examples of lead magnet quizzes! And more!


Module 3: Content Marketing

Want more people to read your blog post or listen to your podcast? Then make sure to feed them the right content!  How? You'll find all the details in this module.


Module 4: Email Marketing

How to assign users the right tags based on the quiz answers and outcome. How to setup a follow-up email campaign to nurture and connect with your leads. How to send the quiz results to your quiz takers and more!


Module 5: Lead Magnet Courses

What is a lead magnet? How do you create a lead magnet course and gamify the whole experience and more.


Module 6: Conclusion

A quick review of everything you learned in this course and the next steps!