My name is Veena Prashanth and I'm pleased to welcome you to the Lab :-).  The purpose of "Crush it with Online Courses" is to walk you through every step of course creation and delivery process, show you how you do it using a LMS and a Membership Plugin, and also to help you decide what LMS and membership plugin will best fit your needs. 

If you want to create and sell courses online, you can do it one of the these 3 ways:

1. Use a Learning Management System (LMS) to create, manage and deliver your courses. 

2. Create a membership site and use a Membership Plugin to create, manage and deliver your courses. Protect and drip your course content using a membership plugin.

3. Leverage both - LMS and a Membership plugin! Best of both worlds! This way you can create a fun and enjoyable learning experience for your students by recognizing and rewarding them, keep your students engaged by delivering courses in a structured and easy-to-digest format and help them get the desired results while maximizing what you can get out of your online courses. For e.g. you can offer access to all of your courses, existing ones and the ones you plan on releasing in future, as part of a monthly or annual subscription to your membership site. This is exactly what I do in Lab members have access to all the courses in the lab. You can also offer access to a members-only community, office hours, training library, members-only discount and other bonuses to your members. 

Watch the intro video above for a full summary of this course before you proceed to the next lesson.