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What's Included in this course

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Everything you need to know to create, deliver, manage and

sell your online courses using DigitalAccessPass (DAP)!


1. Introduction to the course.
2. The main goal of the course.
3. Tools/Plugins that I use to build my courses.

Course Content

1. How I create my table of content.

2. An overview of all the lessons in this course.

Early Bird List

1. How to build an early bird list.
3. How you can start selling before your course is fully complete.

Create Lessons in Wordpress

1. How to create your lesson content.

2. How you can import and use my lesson templates.

Create your Course in DAP

1. Setup your course in DAP.

2. Protect your course content.

3. Publish your course and test user experience.

Setup your Members Area

1. Create and Publish Member Pages
3. How to setup 'my products' area for your courses.

Quiz & Course Integration

1. Create assessment and scoring quizzes,

2. How to add blocking and non-blocking quizzes to your lessons.

2. How to build a list of qualified prospects for your course using quizzes.

Gamify your Course

Reward users with points for taking action : sharing your course, leaving you a testimonial, completing course/lessons.

Generate More Sales

1. Setup your Payment Buttons.

2. How to increase your sales. 
3. Conclusion.