Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 How I Gamified my Course and Doubled my Engagement!
Unit 1 User Experience
Unit 2 Behind-the-scenes of my gamified course!
Module 3 Gamification Strategy
Unit 1 3 Simple Strategies that Helped me Double my Course Engagement!
Module 4 Badges and Leaderboard - Recognize your Top Performers!
Unit 1 How to Create and Award Badges!
Unit 2 How to Create & Publish a Top Performers Leaderboard for your Course!
Module 5 Gamify your Referrals
Unit 1 How you can Gamify your Referrals to Grow your Business!
Unit 2 Referral Leaderboard!
Unit 3 A Points-Based Referral Program
Unit 4 Viral Referral Loop
Unit 5 Viral Referral Loop – Implementation
Module 6 Gamify your Testimonials
Unit 1 Easy way to Get Users to Leave you a Review!
Module 7 Rewards Program
Unit 1 How to create a Rewards Page!
Unit 2 Part 1: Award Points for Different Actions!
Unit 3 Part 2: Award Points for Different Actions!
Unit 4 Part 3: Award Points for Different Actions!
Module 8 Redeem Points
Unit 1 Redeem Points
Module 9 Conclusion
Unit 1 Congrats! You have completed the course!