The most comprehensive course on Membership Sites!

Module 1 Membership Site Basics
Unit 1 What is a Membership Site?
Unit 2 The holy grail of passive income
Unit 3 Sell benefits not features
Unit 4 test unit
Module 2 Membership Sites & Subscriptions
Unit 1 Subscription model is just one form of Membership Site
Unit 2 Don't force fit your content into an ongoing recurring model
Unit 3 Phased Launch Approach
Module 3 Find your Niche
Unit 1 How to find a Niche that's right for You?
Module 4 Core Components
Unit 1 Core Components
Unit 2 Core Components – Content
Unit 3 Core Component – Benefits
Unit 4 Core Components – new
Module 5 Membership Site Planning
Unit 1 Phased Launch Approach
Module 6 Membership Site Strategy
Unit 1 No Email List
Unit 2 M2L2:Membership Site Planning
Unit 3 Fast and Easy Money?