Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 What you will learn in this course!
Module 2 Membership Product Setup
Unit 1 How I setup my Products!
Module 3 Shopping Cart Setup
Unit 1 How I Create & Customize my Order Form Page!
Unit 2 How I create my Payment Buttons!
Module 4 Upsells
Unit 1 How I put together my Order Bump Offer!
Unit 2 How I create my upsell offer and upsell page!
Unit 3 How I build my Sales Funnel!
Module 5 Shortcuts
Unit 1 Shortcuts that will save you time, money and effort!
Module 6 Pricing Table Update
Unit 1 How I setup my pricing table links!
Module 7 Security
Unit 1 My Shortcuts to setting up Website Security!
Module 8 Connect Member Sites
Unit 1 How I connect multiple members sites!
Module 9 Bonuses
Unit 1 How I Plan & Deliver my Bonus Offers!