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When it comes to list building, there's nothing quite like a "Lead Magnet Quiz Funnel"! 

I look forward to the "A new user has completed the Quiz" notification from my lab! SQB also sends me all of the answers in that email. So I'm able to quickly check the responses and respond back to people that have specific questions for our products or services. 

It's HUGE in terms of gaining insights and data about our prospects and helping them out with their specific challenges. 

This quiz took just 30 minutes to put together - from idea to implementation! It's really that easy to build a lead magnet quiz funnel using SmartQuizBuilder (SQB).

Have you signed up for my course yet?

I recently released a new course titled, "Let's build an online course". In this course, I've an entire module dedicated to list building and lead magnet quiz funnel! All the lessons in the module are designed to show you the power of a quiz funnel. 

If you have already signed up for this course, you might have noticed that my signup form is in fact a "quiz funnel". Users need to answer a few simple questions before the opt-in form pops up. There's nothing more powerful than a quiz funnel when it comes to learning about the challenges your prospects have, gaining valuable insights and building a solution to solve their main pain points.