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The Ultimate Course Creation Blueprint – Step by Step Guide to Success


  • Everything you need to know to build your Online Course confidently, without tech hassles.
  • How to build an email list of qualified prospects.
  • How to increase your course engagement and participation.
  • How to get your students to give you testimonials or leave a feedback after they complete the course.
  • How to update your copy so it resonates with your prospects.
  • How to launch your course with just a few modules.
  • How to increase your average order value by 10-30%.


The most practical course I have ever taken

Veena Prashanth - Your "Let's build an online course" is the most practical course I have ever taken! I love how there are actionable steps to take after each lesson and all the freebies you offer as you go through the course. I am learning so much! Thank you!

Dr Molly Martin

Judy Steidl

Digital Access Pass and Veena's step-by-step MembershipSiteLab instruction have made it easy to create and manage courses. She has made all the difference for me!

Veena can teach anyone how to present instructional content from start to finish. What I appreciate most is her desire to maximize everyone's success, setting an example for how to be both relational and responsive for the most positive learning experience. Being an Elite DAP subscriber has been one of the best software decisions I have made. 

Cindy Wyckoff

Just finished the List Building module in Veena's Course "Let's Build an Online Course".

I'm so excited about what the Quiz Builder can do for giving me qualified leads and specific information that will allow me to help them make better decisions.

And also helps me develop content to fit their needs, which in turn will make them happy, loyal customers!


Takes The Guess Work Out!

The courses I have taken have been of great value and time savings. I have been about to get my membership site up fast and with fewer headaches. I highly recommend Membership Site Lab.

Erik Salmon


  • To create a primed and targeted online audience who can't wait to buy your course.
  • To BOOST your email list with quality people who love what you teach.
  • To have a step-by-step system that you follow so you can launch your course without any tech hassles.
  • Momentum! You're no longer waiting to complete the entire course to presell your course.
  • A sense of accomplishment, empowerment and excitement from helping people accomplish their goals.
  • A happy and motivated tribe online as they start seeing results after implementing what they learned from your course!

How to create and deliver a successful & profitable online course


I'm  Veena Prashanth

I'm the co-founder/co-developer of (DAP), a popular membership plugin for Wordpress. DAP is one of the very few membership plugins that comes with an advanced, built-in, Learning Management System (LMS). This means you won't need an external LMS to power your online courses! You can do it all using DAP.

I'm also the creator of several Wordpress plugins such as,,, and many more.

We launched DAP back in 2008. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of membership site users and course creators. Courses take time to build.

Connect with me

 There's also the tech and implementation overwhelm.

  • What software should I use?
  • How do I implement everything?
  • What should be my launch strategy?
  • How do I build my list?
  • How do i promote it?
  • Should i work on building my list or course content?
  • Do i need to fully complete my course content and then work on implementation?
  • How to increase your avg order value by 10-30%.

So many people give up on their dreams because the finish line seems too far away. The initial excitement and momentum starts to fade away. They lose the motivation to continue on as they don't see any results.  This course teaches you how to build and launch an online course the right way! 

Who is this course for?

You have an excellent idea for creating online courses, you've done the market research and are now ready to build and grow your email list and also start developing the content.

Now you can follow the steps I teach in this course!

In this FREE course, I've broken down the entire course creation process, leading up to the actual launch, into easy-to-understand and implement steps. My goal with this course is make things really easy for you.  I'll show you how you can start building your email list before you start working on your course content. I'll show you how you can presell your course.

I've been invited to speak @ the upcoming #WordSesh event for WordPress users

Take this course after you have already validated your idea and are now ready to start working on your course. Just go through each lesson and implement what you learn in the lesson and then move to the next lesson. 

Do it at your own pace.

Once your complete the course, you'll be able to build your own course confidently, and do things in the right order, without any stress or overwhelm!

Everything you need to know to create, deliver, 

manage and sell your online courses

Follow a simple & proven course building process to build buzz & maximize sales!


1. Introduction to the course.
2. The main goal of the course and why it's unlike any other course.

Course Content

1. The importance of table of content and how I create mine.

3. What will you learn in each module.

Build your List

1. How to build an email list of qualified prospects.
2. How to get feedback from prospects and use that to update copy/content.

Create Course Content in Wordpress

1. How to create your lesson content.

2. The lesson format and what you should include in your lessons.

Create your Course in DAP

1. How to build your course.

2. How to add different shortcodes and manage student progress.

Setup your Members Area

1. Create and Publish Member Pages
3. How to setup 'my products' area for your courses.

Quiz & Course Integration

1. Create assessment/scoring quizzes,

2. Add blocking quizzes, award certificates.

4. Monitor course / quiz progress.

Gamify your Course

1. How to increase engagement and get students to complete your course.

2. How to get participants to leave you a testimonial at the end of the course. 

Presell / Launch

1. How to presell your course.

2. Easy ways to double your sales.
3. Conclusion.

I'll be building this course using (DAP) &  

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