Looking for a  FREE, Simple Help Desk Software For Your Membership / Course Site? ⚙️

In this mini-course, I'll show you how you can install and setup a FREE Helpdesk Software called 👉 Maian Support. 

Solve Problems Quickly And Keep Users Happy!

Daisy Peel


This is a GREAT alternative to the expensive helpdesk solutions out there. So glad Veena put this together! It's clear and to the point, no fluff. Walked me through setup easily.

What is Maian Support?

In this course, I'll show you step-by-step how to install and setup Maian Support on your WordPress site.

But what really is Maian Support?

Maian Support is a simple, FREE helpdesk software that gets the job done! I'm using this software on my SmartQuizBuilder.com site and it's working well for me! Pretty much all key features you need in a helpdesk software, you'll find it in Maian Support!

If you don't mind paying a monthly fee for a helpdesk solution, then there are several great platforms with fancy features. If not, Maian Support is exactly what you need!

The free version supports a max of 2 agents. So I used their free version for a couple of months then switched to their paid version for a small one-time fee as several members of my team needed access to the helpdesk. But if you are fine with just 2 agents, you don't even have to upgrade to their paid version.

Nino Alves

Easy to understand how-to course to setup your own online support

Easy to understand course that you can cover in around an hour or so. Recommend going through it end-to-end first and then go through it a second time taking action as you go along. Great alternative option that could save you $$ paying for a bloated service you don't need! Thanks Veena.

Why should you signup for this course?

While Maian Support is a free helpdesk software, the customization process does require some update to their language files, and the tickets by email feature does require a few tech steps such as mailbox setup. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are not a techie. 😕

This course simplifies complex steps so you can easily do it yourself even if you are not a techie! Plus it's a FREE course (for now)! So if I were you, I would take full advantage of it. 😎

And the lessons are designed to help you set one thing up at a time so it's not overwhelming. The entire course is just 40 minutes long with bite-sized lessons that are small and self-contained.

Armand Girard


If your business needs a support desk, you have to take this course!

I'm getting ready to launch a new site. I was thinking of just offering email support but that can get complicated and messy. So, I started researching support desk software. There are many solutions out there but most are on someone else's platform. I like to have more control of my sites so I needed something that would run on my server.

I just discovered Maian Support, thanks to Veena Prashanth. I just finished taking her mini course. Took about an hour to complete. The course describes how to set up, configure, and use Maian Support. This is the "user's manual" that's missing in Maian Support. If you are even remotely thinking about using support software, take this course. It may just be the best hour you invested in yourself.

This course is FREE but...

  • It's free only for a limited time. So don't wait... signup while it's FREE!
  • 7-Days AccessYou'll have 7 days full access to this course. You can easily complete it within 7 days. It'll only take you a total of 40 minutes to complete this. If you complete it and at the end leave a review, you would have earned enough points to gain LIFETIME FREE access to this course!
  • How to get Lifetime FREE Access: You'll earn points as you complete each lesson. By the end of the course, you should have enough points that will allow you to redeem full / lifetime access to the course. Action takers get to have lifetime access! 🎉

Dave Sweney


I was impressed not only with the course contents and presentation

 (very easy to follow along) but with the platform it is being hosted on.

Currently, I use a couple of other software tools for hosting our courses, but I like the simple gamification that does not take away from the lessons and course (understated and effective)! I recommend doing some comparisons with other LMS' that are out there.

This is possibly the best I have seen!

Our company will be trying the software out and converting all of our courses and programs to this LMS it looks like. Thanks Again! Dave Sweney, CEO and Co-Founder of the SMART Brand Products & Services

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What you'll learn in this course


Module 1: Introduction

What is Maian Support? What are the key features? What's the difference between their paid plan and free plan.


Module 2: Installation

This is not a WordPress plugin. So how do you install this software? Do you have to use FTP or is there another easy way?


Module 3: Setup / Customization

How do you setup your helpdesk after you install it? How do you customize the messages that users see in the frontend? How do you update the language files?


Module 4: User Experience

What will the frontend interface look like to your users? Do they have to signup for an account first before they can open a ticket? How do they manage their tickets?


Module 5: Tickets by Email

Want to allow users to send you tickets by email where the email to a specific mailbox is automatically converted into a ticket? 


Module 6: Conclusion

Let's review what you learned and the next steps...

Suzanne S Farmer


Great course on setting up a help desk

Before getting this course I hadn't thought of having a support desk, mostly because it seemed like a difficult and expensive thing to set up. Having gone through the course, I now think that it may not be as difficult (and definitely not as expensive) as i once thought. I also love Veena's way of teaching - she goes in-depth and is very engaging.


You'll have 7 days to complete this course after you signup!

Why Students are Raving About this Training!

Testimonials are pouring in...

Veena is an excellent educator and this course just confirms that fact!

Being a DAP user since 2010, I already knew that Veena is an excellent educator and this course just confirms that fact.

The subject, Maian Support, is useful to me since members in IMBuyersClub sometimes ask about which support system to use for their products. Now, I have not only a solid answer to give them but also a solid training to refer them to.

Thank you, Veena, for this course!

Karl G Olson //  imbuyersclub.com

Excellent Course On Maian Support Software

I thought this course was set up and presented in a very concise and enjoyable manner. Veena is very knowledgeable and easy to follow in her instructions. I was impressed with the format of the course and that it was created entirely using the DAP software. I value this information and have decided to use the Maian Support software on my LMS site...

Steven  //  wellnesslifestylecoaching.com

Very Helpful for Getting Started with Maian Support!

I would not have known about this software if not for this course. Veena is an excellent instructor, looking forward to the next course!

Mike //  mrdzyn.com

Super short course

This course is easy to follow along setting up while you listen/watch. In the end you will have a complete support desk ready for use. Brilliant!

Malene H.  //  liamnaden.com

Absolutely loved it! 

Absolutely loved it. Easy to follow for anyone who administers their own domain/s and now know how to basic edit php files :) thanks to this short course (which I completed in one session)! Great job again, Veena.

Dimitrios Pandazis //  getme.youngevity.com

Well Structured and very easy to follow

This course is well structured and very easy to follow. I had been using OS Ticket previously, but willing to give Maian Support with more features a try!

Frances Piggott  //  franpiggott.com

What if you can't complete it in 7-days?

If you complete it in 7 days, you'll have enough points to redeem FULL, FREE, LIFETIME access to this course! However, if you are unable to complete it, you can signup for the paid version with lifetime access! It's only $19 for the paid version of this course!