New Look SPC!  Simple, Easy & User-Friendly! 
Start selling in less than 5 minutes!

Today I'm very happy to announce the beta release of SmartPayCart (SPC) v4.2!  

Really proud of this release and can't wait to share it with you! We've taken ease-of-use and user experience to a whole new level in this release of SPC! 

Be Sure to watch this video to see what has changed and how you can go LIVE with your Buy Buttons in Less than 5 minutes using SPC!

We've also started working on 'Free Trial' ($0 trial) feature in SPC. I know some of you are waiting for this fetaure. This feature should be available in about 4 weeks!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a beta release of SPC.

So if you've a live and busy site, we recommend that you wait until the release becomes final in about 3 weeks. If you upgrade to SPC v4.2 and notice any unexpected issues, please open a support ticket with us. You can also downgrade to the old version of SPC (v4.1.6) if you notice issues with the new version. To downgrade, just delete the new version in WP Admin >> Plugins page, and install / activate the old/stable version (SPC v4.1.6). You won't lost any data when you downgrade.

How to Install SPC v4.2 (beta):

You can use the 1-click upgrade button in WP admin >> Plugins to upgrade or you can visit your Members area on site to download the latest version and upgrade. - What's New!

Just wanted to let you know that  training videos on "Different ways to do Post-Checkout Upsells" is now available in your members area on . It's part of the 'Sales Funnel Simplified' course.

The stuff that I teach is something that you can easily apply to your business and grow your revenue by 10-30% with your existing products and customers. This course will help you figure out your own upsell strategy and the step-by-step training will show you how you can set it all up in less than an hour!

In the next lesson (that I'll release this coming week), I'll show you how to setup content upgrades and members-area upsells.