Few years ago, I was looking for a LMS to launch my first online course. During my research, I noticed that David Risley, who is one of my favorite marketers, uses WP Courseware for his courses. So I contacted Ben Arellano and Nate Johnson (Fly Plugins co-founders), asked them a few questions about WP Courseware and found them to be very helpful. They also gave me access to a WPC license. I installed and tested WP Courseware and I absolutely LOVED the experience.

Simple, easy and intuitive. So when I decided to launch Membership Site Lab recently, I upgraded to the latest version of WPC and I see that they have made it even better!

Special Message for YOU from
Ben Arellano - Co-Founder of WP Courseware

With WP Courseware, everything just feels right and fits together really well because of their simple approach to course creation. It's great for ceating courses and integrates really well with DAP.  But even though I personally love WPC, it does not automatically mean that it's the right LMS for you. So I encourage you to take this course - Crush it with Online Courses and if you believe that WP Courseware is right for you, then I've great news for you!

Ben Arellano has decided to give Lab Members a SPECIAL DISCOUNT (35% off) on all WP Courseware licenses!  I'll share the 35%-off discount links at the end of this course.

Be sure to watch the video above for a special message for Lab Members from Ben.

In the next few topics, I'll take you behind-the-scenes to show you everything you need to know about WP Courseware and also how to integrate it with DAP.