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LMS vs Membership Plugin

“The good news is that… you dont have to choose between a membership plugin and a LMS. You can, and ideally you should, use both, because they complement each other really well. Leverage the power of both a LMS and a membership plugin, to create a truely powerful platform to run your online business.”-Veena Prashanth Continue […]

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10 Steps to Creating a Membership Site Plan

“Membership Site Planning is basically a visualization of what you need to produce, in terms of content and products, and what you to need to provide, in terms of services and community, in order help your members get from their start to their end state in a step-by-step way.”-Veena Prashanth

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Membership Site Planning – Part 1

“A profitable membership site uses a mix of both free and paid content, and offers it in a structured, easy-to-consume and logical order, with every piece of content or product designed to move the members forward in a step-by-step and progressive fashion, without overwhelming them, ultimately delivering the promised transformation from the start to the end state”-Veena […]

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