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PHP v7.2 compatibility with DAP!

PHP v7.2.x compatibility with DAP! DAP is currently not compatible with PHP v7.2.x (or above)As you probably know, currently DAP does not work with php v7.2.x or above.  The main issue with php v7.2.x is that it does NOT support “mcrypt” library and that’s the library DAP uses for password encryption.  Switching to php v7.2.x means we […]

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How to integrate DAP with Amazon SES for SMTP!

Want to use Amazon SES as your SMTP server?Watch this video to see how to Integrate DAP with SES! Watch this video for all the details! Watch the video to learn:1. How you can verify your domain in Amazon SES.2. How you can verify your email address in Amazon SES.3. Why you need to signup […]

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DAP Email Broadcast: New look, New Options!

DAP Email Broadcast!  Now you can Schedule Emails, Batch Emails, Save Emails & more! New Look, New Style, New Options! Watch video for all the details! Thrilled to announce the release of a New Email Broadcast feature in DAP!It’s part of DAP v7.2.3 (beta) / LiveLinks v4.2.3. You can download this version from your members area on […]

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Paypal IPN Issues? Watch video for some cool Troubleshooting Tips!

Paypal IPN Issues?Watch this video for some cool troubleshooting tips! Watch this video if your paypal recurring payments are not connecting with your DAP-powered membership site. If you use Paypal to sell subscription products and use Paypal >> Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to connect Paypal payments with your membership site, but the payments are not […]

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Latest News & Updates

Latest news & updates from the world of DAP, SPC & LAB!  Latest News & Updates: Latest News & Updates!With so much going on in the DAP and SPC world, and also my Lab, I thought it was time to give you a quick update! Special Affiliate Offer! No other cart platform will give you […]

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Migration Checklist

Moving DAP installation to a different webhosting platform?Watch this video for all the details!  Here’s a quick checklist to make sure things work smoothly after the move! php version:  Let your new webhost know that you want php version to be 7.1.x or BELOW.DAP does not work with php v7.2.x currently. So make sure your […]

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